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Versatile Equipment for Many Jobs from Hiscock Rentals & Sales

Hiscock Rentals & Sales is proud to bring St. John’s a selection of tools that adapt to a variety of jobs. These are the tools that you will want to keep in easy reach and bring out time and again.


One of the latest saws manufactured by STIHL®, the Cutquik line is favoured by contractors and construction professionals. Portable, powerful and fuel-efficient, these cut-off machines feature ergonomic design that allows you to work safely and optimizes dry-cutting and wet-cutting performance.

Yard Boss®

STIHL’s Yard Boss connects a universal power train to a variety of attachments including a cultivator, edger and aerator. Easy to store and maintain, the Yard Boss is many tools in one.

Pressure Washers

Make quick work of cleaning decks, driveways and other exterior surfaces with Hiscock Rental & Sales’ selection of pressure washers. Visit us in St. John’s and choose an electric or gas model depending on the power you need.

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